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What is a Webmaster?

So what exactly is a Webmaster? We see the term on the Internet everywhere, but not everyone knows what exactly they are. They are also sometimes referred to as web architects or web developers, and sometimes website administrators or site authors. For example, a business to improve their presence, can use say a local business coach. So webmasters are basically people who are responsible for maintaining websites, which includes many responsibilities. Not only do they design the websites, but they revise and generate the web pages within them, they make sure they are operating accurately by ensuring the hardware, software and web servers are running smoothly, they check the website traffic and also sometimes reply to the user comments. To be able to do this, they must be very familiar with website creating tools. When the respective websites includes money transactions, then the webmaster must also be very familiar with security software, payment processing software and transaction software.


Webmasters are generally experts when it comes to HTML, which is used to manage most Web operations. They are also very familiar with Javascript, PHP and Perl, which are all scripting languages. There are also server administrators that Webmasters are required to know, such as IIS and Apache.


There are also other kinds of Webmasters that define themselves as online business people selling products and or services using online media. This type of Webmaster expands the definition and job description from doing all the technical website related duties to include, but not restricted to, marketing and advertising, content management as well as the maintenance and construction, just like the earlier type of Webmaster.

We have worked with many different types of businesses ranging from crane hire companies to local Melbourne business coaches to Melbourne business diploma schools and even one business that is so far removed from the others such as a storage solutions company. The art of webmastering transcends all business forms and models because the principals are the same.

Get in touch with us now and see how we can transform your business today or check out our ‘what we do’ page here.


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